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As an app developer, we learned three things:

  1. Discovery is a problem that hasn’t been solved
  2. The Cost of user acquisition (UA) continues to increase, and
  3. It’s difficult to gain the attention of the media

In talking with developers, we’ve been inspired by the stories that led to the creation of their app. It isn’t always about making money, its about doing something that you love, have a passion for and are committed.

We launched our first app because of an idea that was inspired by observations of our kids and motivated by their desire to tell their friends “they” had an app in the app store. Since then our own aspirations have increased along with the knowledge and experience we have gained.  In the process of meeting other developers, we discovered many developers also had inspiring stories and faced similar challenges – getting discovered in the app store, finding new users and getting the attention of the media.

We will re-publish some of our favorite Stories along with updates when we get them.  We are on the lookout for developers interested in sharing their story!  If you want to share, please get in touch.

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We’ve been fortunate to meet many great developers, some who have become acquaintances, some we call friends, and others we gotten to know on a deeper level.  We have been fortunate to participate in sharing our combined knowledge and experience, ultimately to the benefit of all.


Originally published january 2014

Our app is unique because it is a top-tier cause-based game. We made no sacrifices in the game quality.  The levels are highly engaging, while the core game play is simple and fun. Our goal was to build the best game possible while supporting a great cause.  We also included Educational information on the captive wildlife crisis within the app.

Players take on the role of a baboon who must protect animals from poachers with a bow-and-arrow. As you advance through the game you encounter habitats that feature new animals and poachers, also the combination of animals & poachers grow in speed and complexity.   A percentage of proceeds of the game goes to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, which is home to over 270 rescue animals.

The team was led by Michael Sarill, Founder; Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, Art Director, Oleg Chornenko, core development and programmer, and Justin Jordan, Level Designer.


Elemental Kingdoms

Originally published may 2014

Elemental Kingdoms is a CCG where the user discovers a captivating story line, fights monsters and earns gold and gems to upgrade their play through the acquisition of special cards and runes to create powerful decks.  These decks can me used in weekly events and provide the opportunity for the user to win great prizes!

Elemental Kingdoms relies more on deck building strategies as opposed to owning the best cards.  You can’t count on steamrolling your opponents with 5 star cards – it’s just as easy to lose to a player with the right combination of lower value cards and runes.  Strategy is key – not relying on pay to win.

Members of Fedeen Games include Jooyoung Chung and Jason Liu – Product Managers,; Tasha Kim – Strategic Partnerships; Bob Colner, Corina Soto, and Nathan Dihn – UA and Analytics, Bogna Davis, Community Manager; and Jonathan Cordero – QA lead.

Galaxy Dash

Originally published August 2014

Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer Run combines the excitement of an endless runner with the thrill of space combat! In the game you play as a star captain and privateer navigating the Outer Run, a dangerous but lucrative smuggling route on the edge of the galaxy. The Goal –  blast obstacles, collect loot, and survive to become the most infamous smuggler in the galaxy!

Galaxy Dash is a hybrid between an endless runner and space combat game, however, our key differentiator is the infusion of combat in the game. Players can shoot asteroids, enemy ships, and other hazards to earn loot and increase their score! This creates an exciting balance of dodging and combat, reminiscent of classic games like Star Fox. 

SuperMoon Games is a three person team. Jim Vessella – Game Design and Studio Operations –  Simon Armstrong – Technical Director and engineer; Kyle Van Meurs – Art Director. The creative vision for Galaxy Dash has been a team effort, driven by our backgrounds as passionate and avid gamers.


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